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Preptober Worksheets

For those taking part in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November, you have one week left of Preptober! This is the time to plan your novel and your schedule as much as you like. (Let me know in the comments below if you’re a Planner, a Pantser, or a Plantser.) For those who like to prepare, I have three worksheets to help keep you on track. You can download them and reuse them every year, if you’d like. There’s one to plan your writing schedule, one for story plotting, and one for character development. Good luck, Wrimos!

Writing Schedule

To get the official 50,000 word count, you have to write 1,667 words per day (minus 10 on November 30). However, that’s not practical for everyone. We all have different schedules, so I made this spreadsheet so that you can adjust your word count more or less on different days and see what it adds up to. There’s a column where you can jot down anything you have going on, so you know when you’ll be busiest. There’s also an optional column to make notes if you plan to reward yourself for staying on track on certain days. If you are working on a book that you’ve already started, you can change your starting word count.

Story Plotting

Next, I have a plotting sheet based on the Five-Act Structure.

Character Development

You can use this character sheet for as many characters as you’d like.

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