About Me


My passion is fiction writing, so this blog is going to be a new adventure for me. That being said, a fictionalized biography wouldn’t be any use at all, so instead, for better or for worse, you’re getting a full account of everything that makes me tick.

In thinking about this biography, my mind went first to the places where I spend the most time. Work naturally dominates that scene. I’ve been working at the same public library since 2008 and volunteered for about a year before that. There have been other jobs along the way but none that have made as much of an impact on my life. More relevant to my readers: no other job will provide as much blog fodder.

Life’s not all about work, though. As you’ve probably guessed, I spend a lot of time reading and writing. I also like to get my nature fix with hiking when I can, and I recently started studying at a martial arts dojo for a little more exercise. I’m taking a samurai sword class where I’m learning kenjutsu and iaijutsu. This was probably the best decision I’ve made in a while, since it gives me a good opportunity to clear my head while getting that exercising in.

One area that makes up a big part of my life is my faith, or my relationship with God. I’m a Christian and have been for a while, so that influences how I think and how I view the world around me. Since there are a lot of different ideas floating around out there about Christians, in part because of loud, hateful minority groups, I’ll start with a quick background on what Christianity means:

God created the world, including humans, and when He gave us free will, we decided to disobey Him and do wrong. Everyone has at some point in their lives, and while we deserve to be punished for that disobedience, God loves us and doesn’t want that for us, so He decided to give us a way out. He sent His Son, Jesus, to live with us, die as a punishment for our sins, and then rise from the dead and return to heaven. All God asks us to do is to believe in Him and His gift, confess that we’ve sinned (disobeyed Him), and accept the forgiveness that He offers. Then we can have a relationship with Him, starting here and now on Earth and continuing after we die, when he takes us to be with Him.

Okay, that was a lot to summarize, but now I can get back to the original question: what does that mean for me? Because God made that sacrifice for me, I want to serve Him and be like Him as much as possible. He gave us a book called the Bible that can help us get to know Him and what He wants, but it really boils down to love. Since God loves us, we should love others. Since God forgives us, we should forgive others. And so on.

All of that, along with everything else I’ve mentioned, form my background. What I want to do with my life is write. I’ve been writing all my life but only recently became a published author. You can find more information about that on the My Writing page, and I’ll update this blog as more opportunities arise. Thank you to everyone who’s taking this journey with me. I really appreciate all of your support, and I can’t wait to see where it leads!