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Upcoming Works: Fairytale Dragons Announcement

This is your teaser announcement! I have a new short story coming out this fall called “The Golden Arrow”, which will feature in the Dragon Soul Press anthology Fairytale Dragons.

The Story

The best way to explain the concept behind Fairytale Dragons is to share the teaser blurb from the book:

A new twist on fairytales with a fresh element: dragons. Each fairytale has been reimagined with these beasts based on the author’s preference. Wise dragons, evil dragons, elemental dragons, oh my! These classic characters will never see this coming.

Basically, it’s classic fairytales… only with dragons! My story, “The Golden Arrow” is a retelling of “The Frog Prince”/“The Frog Princess”. I borrowed a little from a few different versions of the tale from a couple countries when getting my inspiration. And, of course, there’s a dragon. Everything’s better with dragons.

Coming Soon

I’ll post a link as soon as the book’s available for pre-order. In the meantime, since I’m still firmly entrenched in a dragon-y mindset, my next post is going to be about the history of dragons in literature. Stay tuned for both!

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  1. Mary Hargrove

    The idea sounds fun! Can’t wait!!

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